Thursday, 26 August 2010

Prayer room photos

Hello :D
I have finally managed to get back into my blog following hassle due to changing over to a Google account.
Not much actual crafting has been going on lately, my good glasses are still with the optician after the transitions coating started to peel off in only 3 months! So I can't really do very much close work or computer monitor time.
Have been spending some more time in the prayer room before it is dismantled at the weekend. I know one or two of you are interested to see it, so here are a few pics. Might take some more today when I go in as this doesn't really do it justice. These were taken at the beginning of the week and there has been more added since I last took the camera along. I'll be sorry to see it go and hope we can do it again.
Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

  1. Some lovely colours of materials there, looks a nice comfortable room, looking forward to more pics, its a shame its going to be dissmantled, hope you find another prayer room.
    Hugs Betty x