Friday, 20 August 2010

Making backgrounds

Hi, thanks for calling by. Really sorry about the very long silence. No excuse really, I just haven't got into the habit of posting here regularly yet.

Last week was a busy one at church. We had a week of continuous round the clock prayer called 24/7, taking shifts of an hour or more at a time in a specially set up prayer room in one of our church buildings. The atmosphere in that room was amazing, you felt soaked in prayer as soon as you went in and speaking to God about what was on our hearts seemed a lot easier than at home with all the distractions around. If you want to find out more, visit
Sorry, I can't get the links to work today.

There's a challenge running on Trimcraft at the moment to make a card without using designer backing papers. I tried something new. As I was cutting a dead bloom off the lily I had for my birthday, I wondered if I could use the stamens (the bit in the middle that dyes everything it touches orange). Bundled them up in my fingers and made circular movements on cardstock for a random effect, then polished with a tissue and fixed with hairspray before later making into a card. What do you think?


  1. Very inventive - I think it worked well, good idea to fix the colour. I bet it looks lovely and rich - nice card!

  2. I like it! That is the kind of card making I used to do before I got spoiled with all of the toys.

  3. Wow Debbie, what a fab idea with the pollen off the lilly's, its wonderful i like the marble affect too, and the flowers are so pretty.
    Good luck in the challenge.
    Hugs Betty x x

  4. This is a fab card. what a great idea. xx