Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Retail therapy!

I read on Trimcraft forum that Dufex has gone bust and wanted to go to a local stationery shop to see if they had any more Dufex nativity decoupage like I bought there a few months ago. Unfortunately they didn't have what I went for BUT they did have 3 bargain bins. Seem to be getting rid of a lot of stock and I bought over £30 worth of card packs, mainly A6, at half price - packs of Dufex cards and envelopes worth £3.99 for £1. Also bought some packs of papers, including monochrome and baby patterns plus a few embellishments and other bits. Have to admit to spending rather more than I had intended but it helped take my mind off the fact that I'm waiting for a mammogram etc after finding a lump recently.
Also my Forever Friends baby bear stamp(the one brought by the stork) arrived today from Sue/Hello Gorgeous. She is selling her craft stash to concentrate on jewellery making and there are bargains to be had :)

Now I really need a reorganisation of craft space so I know what I've got!

Hope your week is good so far. Thanks for popping by.

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  1. hey gorgeous, just thought I pop by and say hi....thanks for the mention too!

    What a bargain you had with your purchases, now all you need is LOTS of inspiration! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx